Did you know I was a skater boi?

For a period of about five years, I lived on a skateboard. Through the power of Greyskull, the internet a specifically EBAY, I found the exact model, the 1970's Bahne skateboard that I grew up riding. This skateboard was one of the very first launched with the advent of urethane wheels that made so much of the new era of skating possible Not only is it the exact same color and model as mine, but it also has the exact same dings on the nose and shaved parts on the tail (this skateboard was also borrowed to be used in a soft-core, Skinimax movie called "The Cheerleaders" because it was nicer than the one the actor owned).

A kid and a skateboard are a magical combination. I recommend any parent go out and get their boy OR girl one immediately.  Show 'em a couple of trick videos and watch your kid go. Skateboards are just a perfect activity for kids who may or may not want to be in group sports or activities because with a skateboard you can hang with your friends or just practice tricks in your driveway alone (that was mostly me).

Maybe a good introduction to this fun would be by checking out "Go Skate Day" this Saturday from eleven to four at Stubb's Park. The event is free for spectators with skaters wanting to compete in various contests. Prizes will be awarded.  This just might be the event that gets your kid to fall in love with skateboarding. You can find out about the event here.


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