A lot of interesting bills were signed into law this past legislative session- including the ability to carry brass knuckles. I totally agree with that one- it just makes logical sense that if you can carry guns or knives that you should be able to have those kitty kat key chain thingies. Keep in mind these laws don't go into effect until September 1st.

Another exciting bill is SB 1232:

which allows businesses like H-E-B and restaurants with beer and wine permits to deliver those products [beer and wine].

So THAT's why HEB bought land here! Well, that's my theory anyway.

There's a couple caveats though- this is for beer and wine only (although SB 1450 might change that to include the harder stuff) and you must order food along with your purchase.

Personally, I think this is brilliant and anything that keeps people from drinking and driving is a good thing. Just be sure to tip your driver when he brings your bud lite and breadsticks.

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