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The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way in which many people interact with one another. Work and classes from home, obsessive hand washing and facemasks could well be the norm in many lives once the spread of the coronavirus is contained or a vaccine is made available. 

Doctors and scientists have done well to broadcast the message to the masses that we should all avoid any unnecessary human contact, especially the traditional handshake.

Will the friendly handshake return to the list of normal activities once the coronavirus is no longer a threat? Who knows. What we do know is that not having a friendly greeting, even from a 6-foot distance, is going to make human interaction incredibly awkward.

While working from home and trying to improve how The RockShow is able to communicate with each other and our audience, Wes and I began testing some of the teleconference options available. During one of our teleconference experiments, Wes ended our conversation with a strange, but instantly enjoyable hand gesture.

After a bit of massaging and several minutes of practice, the decision was made to replace the traditional handshake with "Peace, Spock and Rock."

In the spirit of full disclosure, Wes is a total Star Trek geek, but I don't think that anyone on the planet will be unable to recognize the Vulcan salute made famous by Spock, along with the phrase, "Live long and prosper."

Here's how it goes:

We would love to see you greet us and each other with our new 'handshake.' Send us your video greeting via the 94.5 FMX app so we can all enjoy Peace, Spock, and Rock.


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