Most area schools were ranked "B" by the Texas Education Agency.

Actually, some of the schools in the area improved to a "B". For me, this brings up a few questions, the most important of which is, why aren't our schools at an "A"?  Is it an issue of funding, management, student engagement or something else?

You may think "B" is pretty good, heck, it meant "above average" when you were in school, but when schools from towns like Abernathy and Littlefield are scoring "A's" it has to make you wonder.

This matters to students too. Saying, "my school sucks" is an easy copy out for students who don't want to put in the work. To those students, I'd put out the challenge that it should be easier to make "A's" in a "B" school.

So now that the schools have their report card, it's time to ask some administrators and school boards, what are you going to do about it?

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