Just finished ONE listen to Green Day's "Uno" and I could not be more excited.  In fact there are a lot of things I should be doing rather than writing this, but I wanted to dash out my initial thoughts.  My first thought is WOW!  More after the jump.


The pop/punk of Blink 182 left me a little cold.  The thrash of super hardcore punk seemed like a bunch of wasted energy to me.  I was right in the pocket with The Clash and later on Rancid.  With "Uno" Green Day has put together a punk album this is also "right in the pocket".  The album isn't angry and it isn't poppy, it's Green Day as a straight ahead, working man's punk band.  The model for this c.d. almost seems to be the Clash's
"Give 'Em Enough Rope", and the guitar on one track "Angel Blue" seems straight off that album. There's very little experimental stuff on this c.d. (the first of three).  This is a return of a band that was inspired by early punk, the Ramones and other three chord giants.  That's also the reason why "Oh Love" is the last song on the "Uno", it is unlike everything that comes before it.  Myself, I'm amazed they had enough material for three c.d.s, you'd think with that many coming out that this would be full of filler and it isn't.  I was seriously worried about this band with their Broadway show and whatnot, "Uno" proves that there was nothing to worry about.

The c.d. comes out this Tuesday, but you can win an advance copy here.

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