Pearl Jam meant a lot more to me than Nirvana. I like Nirvana's stuff, but I just wasn't angry enough at the time to bond with Kurt. Pearl Jam provided a better bridge between the traditional rock at the time and grunge. Pearl Jam "10" brought us some of the most memorable rock songs ever. More after the jump.


To me "10" from Pearl Jam was a very uneven album, but the big songs were SO big, it really didn't matter.  "Jeremy", "Alive", "Black", and "Even Flow" are all modern rock masterpieces.  Then to a lesser degree you have "Oceans", "Why Go" and "Porch".

"10" was released in August of 1991 and freakishly was supported by only one video, the very epic "Jeremy".   The band still shies away from regular videos, letting live performance stuff shine through.   With ten million sold  the album has been certified "Diamond" which is very rare air for any album to reach.

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