The cool thing about "The Real Five" is it is indisputable. It's the top five most played tracks.  In the instance of today's artist, it proved me completely wrong.  Get "The Real Five" from Three Days Grace after the jump.


I don't know what it was about "Chalk Outline", but I assumed it was Three Day Grace's biggest hit.  It just seemed to be everywhere for a while.  I thought it was their "top" song and it turns out it didn't even make the list.  It wasn't even close.  It would be around 9 or 10 if the list went on that long.  Here's the real top five most played tracks from the band.

1. (I Hate) Everything About You.  Yep, the biggest track ever from Three Days Grace is their very first single that went to radio.  This horse race wasn't even close.

2. Just Like You.  And, just like that, the second biggest song the band ever had on the radio was the second song released from their debut album.

3. Animal I've Become. Finally we jump ahead to the bands 2006 release "One-X" with the lead track becoming the third most played track.

4. Pain. The second track from "One-X" makes the list at number four.

5. Home.  Rounding out the list for the band is the third track from the bands 2004 debut.


Among the other "radio songs" the band has charted with are: "Never Too Late", "Rito", "Break" , "The Good Life", "World So Cold", "Lost in You", the aforementioned "Chalk Outline" and the current single "The High Road.

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