The Real Five looks at the Top Five most played tracks.

We take the guessing and the critiquing out of the process with the Real Five.  These are simply the most played songs. Now from that, you could extrapolate that they are also the most popular tunes, because after all they wouldn't be most played if they weren't the ones people wanted to hear the most often, but that's on you.  With that in mind, let's get to The Real Five.

  • 1

    In The End

    In The End was actually the fourth single off of Hybrid Theory, and it almost didn't happen. Sure, the label will tell you it was the plan all along, but we know how this works. The band had two giant hit singles, but the thrid was a dud. That dud was the song Papercut (which happens to be my favorite Linkin Park track). Well, after a dud, usually an album is considered "over" and the band starts working on the next album. Fortunately this single saw the light of day and ended up the most played track from the band.

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    One Step Closer

    Yes, yes, and more yes. This is the perfect first single for a band. It just sums them up. I, for one, really wish the band would have kept iconic guitar lines like this one as part of their writing. Now, would you believe that this track never got higher than #4 when it was released?

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    Yes, the top three songs from our Real Five all come from Linkin Park's debut "Hybrid Theory".  Crawling was the follow up to One Step Closer and ended up being more in tune with where the band was heading. This song actually won a Grammy for "Best Hard Rock Performance".

  • 4


    Once again, Linkin Park bucked the trend of having the biggest song on their album released as the first single. Numb was the third track to come off of 2003's Meteora.Let's take that trivia up a notch.  Numb is the only song in this Real Five that made it up to number one on the rock charts.

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    Fans were practically salivating for the second album from Linkin Park and the band dropped Somewhere I Belong as the first single. Time is a funny thing though, and even though Somewhere I Belong was a number one single, both Faint and Numb off the same album have had much better longevity.

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