Here we are again with the Real Five. These are the five most played Soundgarden songs.

The Real Five passes no judgments and has no artistic criteria. These are the most played Soundgarden tracks. Now you could extrapolate from that that they are the most popular or whatever because they are the most played because they are the ones people want to hear the most.

  • 1

    Black Hole Sun

    Black Hole Sun was frequently used as the "go to" song since Chris Cornell's death, but it was a modern classic way before that. It's grunge meets The Beatles so it's a no brainier that it tops the list.

  • 2


    This is the first of what I consider to be several surprises on the list. Let's face it, "Spoonman" has a seriously pounding rhythm and you'd think it might be a bit much for some people, but evidently it's not. Pound away, folks!

  • 3

    Fell On Black Days

    "Fell On Black Days" is the little brother of "Black Hole Sun", it looks and sounds a lot like the other.  Great production, a down vibe but a beautiful vocal, this song was actually the 5th single from Superunknown.

  • 4


    I am really surprised that "Outshined" didn't have "Spoonman"'s place on the list (I also found it crazy that "Rusty Cage" isn't in the top 5).  "Outshined" was one of those rare occasions when the 2nd single off an album way outperformed the first ("Jesus Christ Pose" was the initial release from "Badmotorfinger").

  • 5

    Burden In My Hand

    The second single from "Down On The Upside", "Burden In My Hand" eclipsed it's predecessor "Pretty Noose" even before Chris Cornell's untimely death. The track made it to number 1 on practically all rock charts.

  • *Bonus*

    And the rest...

    Rounding out the list, at #6 it was "The Day I Tried To Live" followed by "Rusty Cage", "Blow Up The Outside World", "Pretty Noose" and "My Wave".

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