I love combing the charts for The Real Five. Unlike other countdowns, this one is undisputed.

The real five brings you the Top Five Most Played Tracks by rock radio.  You can have your favorites, you can discuss what you think is "better" but you can't dispute this list.  I can tell you one thing about blink that makes them special; they are more popular on rock radio now than they were back in the day. Originally it was just alternative stations that played the band and they just dabbled in rock radio. This has led to one surprising NEW cut in their Real Five (and a very close call for their second new cut).  So with that out of the way, let's get to "The Real Five".

  • 1

    All The Small Things

    1999's "Enema Of The State" was blink's real breakthrough. This is one of those strange cases where the first single isn't the biggest one. The biggest went to "All The Small Things" which actually dropped in 2000.

  • 2

    What's My Age Again?

    So here you go, this was the first track from "Enema Of The State" that was later eclipsed by "All The Small Things".  The album also featured the maudlin but beautiful "Adam's Song" which apparently the band has just added back to their live playlist.

  • 3

    Dammit (Growing Up)

    The first song most people heard from blink was from 1997's "Dude Ranch", but that wasn't blinks first album.  blinks first album was actually "Cheshire Cat" which featured a lead single called, "Wasting Time".

  • 4

    Bored To Death

    So here you go, this is the power of blink in the modern era. The band's comeback is so strong that "Bored To Death" shot onto the most played list at #4. That's a pretty big deal for a band of punk boys that are now all grown up.


  • 5

    I Miss You

    I'm very surprised that I Miss You is still part of blinks live show. I always thought of this more of a Tom DeLonge song. I checked some of the bands recent playlists and it does appear that I Miss You is still being played by the new blink-182.

  • *

    BONUS-She's Out Of Her Mind

    She's Out Of Her Mind from the new album, "California" has shot up to the point where it will knock "I Miss You" out of the top five most played list any day.  It's good stuff and I can't wait to hear it live.

  • *

    Bonus Bonus-Adam's Song

    Yeah, I had to put this one in. I just love it too much.

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