I've done the "Real Five" from AC/DC with tracks featuring Bon Scott, but I think with the passing of Malcolm Young, it's time to look at the top five tracks from AC/DC overall.

Once again, there's no guesswork in the Real Five. These are the five most played tracks on rock radio. You can extrapolate what you want from that, but this is the one countdown that is undeniable and unchallengeable.

It should be no surprise that the majority of this list is from the "Back In Black" album.  The album is "Double Diamond" which means it's a Platinum album, 22 times over, meaning well over 22 million sold. It is the second highest selling album of all time, second only to Micheal Jackson's "Thriller".


  • 1

    Back In Black

    This is actually kind of surprising. You would think that this would be number two, but somewhere along the way the two songs flip-flopped in their positions.  Either/or is what I say, the two tracks are undeniable.

  • 2

    You Shook Me

    Who knew that AC/DC could come back from the death of their singer so strong? From the opening chord of "You Shook Me", the first track from "Back In Black", it was obvious that the band still had something to say.

  • 3

    Highway To Hell

    The title track from the Highway To Hell album was the apex of the band's career at the time. That album became a million-seller with this track as it's calling card. Right as the tour to support the album was wrapping up Bon Scott died from acute alcohol poisoning.

  • 4


    AC/DC's recording output was slightly weak after Back In Black, it was almost like they had used all of their gas to make that one album, then in 1990 this track dropped from their "Razor's Edge" album. It has certainly taken its place as one of the most iconic opening riffs ever written in rock.

  • 5

    Hells Bells

    Okay, this is a bit confusing, but AC/DC released a "two-sided" single for their second release off Back in Black. Technically, the lead track was "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" with "Hells Bells" as the B side. Well, I guess the rest is history.

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