Harperfest has released its lineup for its Comedy and Music Festival. The event will be held Sunday, January 15th, from 2 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. and will feature several comedians and musicians. The event will be held at Lubbock's The Garden (1801 Buddy Holly Ave). The event will benefit the  HarperFest Unity Grant, a cause I believe in deeply.

Our mission is to benefit, support, & improve the mental health of those within the service industry in honor of our brother, Jerrod Harper.
By the power of music, good people, and a good time HarperFest aims to fund the HarperFest Unity Grant.

I have worked in the service industry. I have many friends and loved ones who have, or currently do as well. These jobs rarely have benefits, especially mental health benefits, in spite of how mentally taxing these types of jobs can be.

Service industry jobs require a massive amount of physical work, interfacing with people who are sometimes absolutely entitled and terrible, and relying on people to do the right thing and tip appropriately can be incredibly stressful. You can do everything right, and some people will choose to be a cheapskate scrub. A slow month at the bar or restaurant you work at can mean that bills don't get paid, and that spiral is very, very difficult to escape.

Even finding the time to get mental health help can be difficult with the demanding and ever-changing schedules that service industry jobs tend to have. Harperfest is working diligently to help these folks get the mental health resources they need because many times, their life literally depends on it.

But Harperfest also wants to bring joy, happiness and fun to Lubbock, so their fund raising events are just that- fun!

Here's the band lineup for their next Music & Comedy event. You can more information about each band, including their specific time slot, on the Harperfest website.

Sparky's Garden

Southern Whiskey

Kevin Hoes

Jon Sprott Blues Band

All About Alice

Mystery Stain

The Shane Rogers Band



And comedy will be provided by the extremely talented and hilarious cast of Laugh Hub City.

Additionally, the event will have two food trucks, The Lunch Box and Godfather's Pizza of Farwell.

The event is sponsored by FoxPest Control.

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