How about we change this headline to "Could Texas be more derp, derp"?

A bill is being presented in Texas that would ban social media for people under 18 years of age. Well, this going to be like trying to un-bake cookies if you ask me. The cat is out of the bag and the genie has left the lamp and is shaking his blue rear at the camera.

What a ridiculous waste of energy this push is. Can we just go ahead and compare it to people who tried to ban video games because they were too addictive? Maybe we can compare it to television because it's "too addictive"? Or how about we compare it to rock and roll because that was once thought to be "too addictive"?

Digital Vision.
Digital Vision.

Every time I think a politician has done the dumbest thing possible, someone dumber comes along. Somehow Texas thinks it knows better than the rest of the free world. Yeah, social media is banned in Russia, China, and a few places like that, but having it available, but not available to those under 18 is probably an impossible task.

How about we let parents, and not the state, decide what is good for children? Yes, I truly do understand that there is a lot online that kids should not be exposed to. There is also a lot in the real world that kids should not be exposed to. These things need to be the domain of the parents and those parents should not have some kind of false sense of security that a government authority is protecting their kids.

Turkish Parliament Passes Law Regulating Social Media Content
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Comparing social media to cigarettes and drugs (which they do) is completely ridiculous. The legislator(s) pushing this should be laughed out of office.

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