What defines Lubbock, Texas? Certainly Texas Tech University (wreck'em!), the occasional haboob, and the always infinite horizon. But Lubbock has a signature flavor experience too, and that is our beloved hometown cocktail, The Chilton.

The Chilton, so the legends state, began at the Lubbock Country Club as a special order of a prestigious patron, a so-called Dr. Chilton. Although who Dr. Chilton was, or if he even existed, has been lost to history.  No matter, the Chilton has evolved beyond just one person- this is the cocktail of our collective culture.

Vodka (preferably Texas-made). Soda Water (think: Topo Chico). Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice. Salt. And a whole lot of Ice. That's the Chilton.

Texas Monthly referred to the Chilton as "sunshine in a glass" which is lovely but not quite right, in my opinion. The Chilton is the electric crackle before a West Texas thunderstorm. Or maybe a Chilton is the brightest sunbeam beam that breaks from between clouds. Whatever it is, it's what home tastes like.

The Chilton is rare (but not unheard of) outside of Lubbock. However, almost any bar or restaurant that serves alcohol will offer their version of the Chilton. Here are several places and variations of the Chilton to try here in Lubbock.

A huge Thank You to LBK Foodies for offering up so many suggestions and lovely photos.

Where to Experience Lubbock's Signature Cocktail, The Chilton

Lubbock's signature cocktail is the crisp and refreshing Chilton. Vodka, freshly squeezed lemon juice, soda water, and salt combine together to make a cocktail as electric as a West Texas thunderstorm. Here are some bars and restaurants to try this Lubbock original.

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