A group of parents has had just about enough of a homophobic preacher in Wolfforth

Yes, it's the same preacher that makes himself present at Gay Pride and other Lubbock events. He is usually accompanied at those events by a couple of sycophants, all preaching some weirdly twisted old testament version of the bible, all while displaying openly homophobic signs.

I'm not even going to bother to say this guy's name. I will say that when he finally dies that he'll have the wettest grave in Texas, just from people p*ssing on it. I am telling you now that saving souls and "sharing gods love" are not on the agenda, it's all about attention with this guy.

I recently attended Lubbock Pride with the sole purpose of shutting this human dumpster fire down, but I found they didn't need my help. A couple of people debated him, then when people quit paying attention, he just wandered off.

Now this "knucklehead for the lord" is making regular appearances near a Wolforth coffee shop with annoying signs. I'm told he hangs out during the morning traffic, and again, when things slow down, his little workday of hate is over. The problem with his scenario is that every day parents have to view these signs while taking their kids to school and more than a few don't really want to explain to their younger ones what this is all about.

Parents have gone to the Wolfforth police and nothing can really be done about this situation (they said the police were actually really cool, but their hands are tied). They are now trying to organize just so they can have a peaceful drive to work. I really don't think this is too much to ask.

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