After five hours of hard labor and a mild sunburn, I received a text that "the hate people have showed up", so I took a quick trip over to Lubbock Pride.

The Battle May Not Have Been Won, But We're Winning

Acceptance seems to be at a new high. You would not believe how many "Free Dad Hugs" and "Free Mom Hugs" shirts there were.  I know that's a very silly thing to focus on, but it really speaks volumes. The "hate people" ended up being less of a factor than ever before. Their numbers have dwindled to two and I grew bored shadowing them.

You Really Should Ask Before Taking Someone's Picture

I actually thought about taking some pictures to share but ultimately decided to leave that to a pro. I then noticed that people were saying, "Can I take your picture?" even when they wanted photos of me. It just never occurred to me that consent is at the very least a nice thing, even at a public event (plus there may people who are a little nervous at Pride).

My Favorite New Saying

Of course, I headed down to Pride to intervene if our local garbage preacher was giving the folks too much trouble.  First off, it was obvious that the people there didn't need my help at all, but I had family at the event and I wasn't going to let them be harassed. I don't know why but I've always used the term "garbage preacher" and out of nowhere something came to my mind, it was, "you can kick a pile of garbage, but you're only going to make it stink more".  This was pretty important because the preacher left quickly after finding out no one really wanted to engage him.

Pride Isn't What You Think

I cannot express to you how much this event means to so many people. As someone who is just an ally, it's really just a fair/picnic event where everyone has agreed that rainbows are the theme. To someone who just wants to be accepted and loved for who they are it may be life-changing. I will say that if you go once, you'll be back time and time again because as much as I've downplayed the things there, it's the spirit that knocks you off your feet. There is a certain joy and love in the air that is unmatched anywhere at any time.

Congrats to the folks at Lubbock Pride for hosting another stellar event.

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