Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Lubbock's Louise Hopkins Center For The Arts (LHUCA) hath made a major announcement about next year's Renaissance Faire. I will be held on Saturday,  October 19th, 2024, so you can plan your costume now. Last year's event was held in September, so here's hoping October will be cooler for those of you in layers of skirts or in sweaty velvet pants.

The Hub City Renaissance Faire is LHUCA’s renaissance event celebrating art, music, theatrical performances and exciting activities for all ages.

Confession: I did not make last year's Ren Faire and have never been to one. I hope to change that in 2024. But where does one purchase a farthingale these days? Or a bum roll for that matter?

Jousting Knights Re-enact Medieval Scenes
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Of course, dressing up isn't required to attend a Ren Faire, but it does seem like a big part of the fun. 2023's Ren Faire was the inaugural event, and possibly the first Ren Faire in Lubbock, ever. It's exciting to see Lubbock begin traditions like these. Ticket prices were also very affordable at only $5 for adults with children 15 and under free. From everything I heard, it was a tremendous success, and my friends who brought their wares to peddle (had merch to sell) sold out completely.

Interestingly, the largest Ren Faire in the world takes place right here in Texas.

 Nearly 400,000 people attend yearly in Plantersville, Texas, on weekends through October and November and on Thanksgiving Day. The grounds feature gardens such as The Roman Basillica, Titania’s Bower, and the Magic Garden. Crafts such as glass blowing, candlemaking, and metal forging are featured, as well as artisans with wares for sale. Entertainers fills the streets and the 16 stages.

That sounds like an incredible event, and I know Lubbock will work its way toward that much... majesty.

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