This story is making national news, but that's not enough for me.

What kind of a-hole little man baby would throw a full can of beer at a woman? Even better, what kind of tiny pee-pee dirtbag gets so mad at spoken words that they have to react like a toddler?

Comedian Ariel Elias has the audience ask questions as part of her show. Unexpectedly a woman asked her who she voted for and kept pressing the issue. Elias kept it pretty chill until she ultimately responded, but had the classy follow-up of "I'm just glad we're all here together." You'd think that would be enough to cool the situation down, but the heckler wasn't having it. Then, shortly after, a man said to be the heckler's husband threw a beer at the comedian before they both ran out of the club.

The man who threw the beer was caught by the police and is being charged with criminal mischief. Personally, I think he should have been charged with assault or worse, curb stomped by the club staff. I'm serious. Somebody's mama didn't spank enough manners into him as a child, so it's time for other adults to step in and get it done.

I really want to live in a more civilized society where we have discussions, not fights. This guy took things way too far. It's no wonder the coward threw something and then ran. This is not the way to respond or behave in any situation, and I have to think that people who go to comedy clubs need to expect to occasionally get their feelings a little bruised.

Comedy shows are not a conversation. No one wants to hear anyone other than the comedian talk. If you think the comedian sucks, then leave. If you can't handle not being the center of attention, then don't go.

Hecklers are loud-mouth, embarrassing, douchebag drunks and everyone knows it. No one wakes up the next day and says, 'I'm sure glad I heckled that comedian.' On the contrary, the other 100 people who were in that room wake up the next day and think, 'wow, that guy last night was a real a-hole.'

Newsweek actually captured the comedian and club owners' reactions to the event if you care to find out more.

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