We've been holding back on this out of respect for the guys, but they're ready to find the thieves.

Flamingo Ink
Flamingo Ink

I can tell you this about tattoo artist Tony Flawless. He did a favor for me before I even knew his name. That is the kind of guy that does not deserve to be ripped off.

Somewhere out there there's a bunch of hot tattoo equipment, ink, artwork and more. Let's find this stuff and put a stop to this BS immediately.

The shop was burglarized and vandalized sometime between 3 and 11 a.m. Saturday morning (March 10).

Flamingo Ink is home to about six artists, and this theft stings for all of them. Flamingo Ink Tattoo is at 2508 Auburn, which is just off University across from Amigo's. The guys are back in business doing what they can to get back on their feet.

If you've got the itch for some ink, now would be a good time to help the guys out. There's even a GoFundMe here.

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