I took in a show at the Auditorium the other night and noticed some interesting things.

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Let's start off saying once again that the city staff is doing an amazing job keeping everything repaired at the Auditorium. Other than a random water cooler, everything seemed to be working, even the seats weren't showing their stuffing through the weird green fabric.

The problem with the Auditorium is it is seriously out of date. It also wasn't that well thought out to begin with. I seem to remember some narrow stairs leading up to something so it's not very accessible either. I could really see a private entity turning the place into a killer theater and place for shows. Unfortunately the folks in Lubbock like squeezing a penny until it's razor thin, so the chances of updating it are slim.

What really struck me about the age of the building was the oddest thing and it was the fact that it still had built in ashtrays in the bathrooms. If that doesn't tell you how long since the place was updated, then nothing will.

I was able to see some incredible bands at the Auditorium, Judas Priest, The B 52's, U.F.O., The Steve Miller Band and many others. I also was able to catch my friends in Greater Tuna there several times.  It was a great hall once upon a time. Furthermore, it's my belief that the new Buddy Holly Whoziwhatsit Place will be too expensive for many acts to play and/or probably have a more conservative booking policy. Still, it's time to put the Auditorium out to pasture.

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