No, I'm not running for Mayor, but I sure as heck would do things differently if I was.

I guess we all talk a good game. Still, I can't abide by the inactivity that is the rule of the day in Lubbock. As the Joker said in the original Batman, "This town needs an enema". I've broached some of these topics before, but let's look at some of them again.


  • 1

    I Will Find This Town An Identity

    When you have to reach all the way back to Buddy Holly for your claim to fame, you're doing something wrong.  I don't mean to slight the Bud-man, we can still honor him, but how about promoting a little something else. Can we be "The Cotton Capitol Of Texas", "The Home Of Texas Tech" or "The Medical Heart Of West Texas"?   Can we pick a theme and go with it?

  • 2

    I Will Invest In Green And Wet Areas

    Dallas is about to launch a huge park/green belt. They know what's up. It's good for the town and good for the environment.  I want FREE splash pads for kids to play in and big parks with soccer fields, basketball goals and more. I want skate-parks and organized fun activities. I want to give every kid to have an excuse to get out there and have fun.

  • 3

    I Will Have City-Wide Events

    There will be more barbecues and street dances under my watch. We will have parades for our police and firemen. We will march and celebrate and get together face to face instead of staying home and fighting on the internet.

  • 4

    I Will Give Preferential Treatment To Businesses That Locate In Town

    If you're going to stay inside or near the Loop where folks can bus, walk or bicycle to your business, then you deserve to be honored for that. Neighborhood stores and businesses should be encouraged. Even if we're riding in pollution free flying cars, being close to stuff saves time and adds to the quality of life.

  • 5

    I Will Light Up The Depot District

    The Depot District is an idea that has been floundering for a while. We all seem to want an entertainment district, but too many places don't locate there. The solution for me is improvement and a hell of a lot of it. We need to light that place up like a Christmas tree, have more common gathering areas and more police presence (I'd actually give them a storefront & holding area).  The Depot District should be like a lit up park for adults.  It should be pure Vegas without the gambling (or maybe with the gambling someday).

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