Have you heard of the plumogranate fruit? Stone Fruit season continues at United Supermarkets, and one of corporate dietitian Brenda Duby's new favorite fruits is the plumogranate. So what is the plumogranate and what does it taste like?

Duby described the plumogranate as part plum, part apricot, with a dark red center. With that deep dark red brings anti-oxidants, which are great for heart health. Duby said that the plumogranate is actually pretty sweet tasting like an apricot.

How do you pick a plumogranate? Duby suggested that a plumogranate that gives a little when you squeeze is ready to eat. Also, the more brown specks you see means the sweeter the fruit will be.

Listen to the video above to hear more about Stone Fruits and the plumogranate, and pick one or two up at United Supermarkets!

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