Okay, now I'm trolling. If you want a truly, deeply disturbing clown mask, I'm going to take you down a dark Halloween hole with some of my favorite vendors.

I have some great places for you to visit. Some are retail, some are for pros and some are from the shadowy clown worlds somewhere in the middle. Best off all, a lot of these are truly distorted, extra-weird versions of clowns. So, get ready to get your clown on with these six super creepy clown mask sites.

  • 1

    Halloween Asylum

    This place is probably the one that will most likely have the one you want in stock. They vary from super cheap to midpriced.  One is actually called "Creepy Clown Mask". As an added bonus, they have House Of 1000 Corpses masks.


  • 2

    Nightmare Factory

    Nightmare Factory will hook you up top to bottom. They've got the full outfit. They get extra points for their "Evil Jester" and a really good "Twisty The Clown" from American Horror Story.

  • 3

    Spirit Halloween Stores

    Spirit gets a couple of bonuses for their Creepy Clown masks. First, they're dirt cheap. Second, the "Clown Doll" super-retro mask looks like something they wore when they robbed a bank in the 70's. I hate their version of both Captain Spaulding and Twisty, but there's another great freaky retro one called "Bobbles The Clown".

  • 4

    The Horror Dome

    Okay, we're getting into some unique Halloween suppliers. The Horror Dome has a few really unique masks, my favorite being the zombie and vampire clowns. These add an extra layer of horror to your clowning.

  • 5


    These are some really reasonable priced, but still very unique clown masks. If you're going to terrorize the neighborhood, you might as well make it a fun time. I say go for the bucktoothed clown and make fun of hillbillies while you clown around.

  • 6

    SPFX Masks

    Okay, I wanted to give you one super-premium mask supplier. SPFX Masks makes the best masks in the world. If you remember a while back in the news there was an Asian man who was disguised as an elderly white man who near completed a full airplane flight before he was found out. Well, this is the company that made that mask. These masks are so realistic, that people has to get within inches of you to find out it's not your own skin.

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