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It seems to be a no-win fight with the anti-vax crowd. Some will unfortunately have to get it in order to understand.

I would like to throw out a little story in case you know someone who is close to the tipping point.

Imagine you hear there is a bully in town. You hire a trainer. He trains you and leaves. Now when the bully comes around he may not mess with you, he may get a couple of licks in, or he might even beat you up a bit. Still, you know you did what you could to defend yourself.
Yeah, that's how vaccines work.

The first takeaway from the story is a reminder that vaccines don't stay in your body. Vaccines provoke your immune system and say, "get ready for a threat". It's your body's response to the vaccine that sticks around for the fight.

Unfortunately due to some exposures, or because your body didn't fight the vaccine or a few other reasons, a disease can "breakthrough" and get you, but you usually get a much milder version.

I have been pondering this because I have seen on more than one occasion someone post the asinine question, "If vaccines work, then why are people still getting sick?"  I think I explained this pretty thoroughly, but how about, "if birth control works, how do some women still get pregnant?"  There is a margin of error with everything and with the amount of exposure out there, breakthrough cases are very much expected.

I hope this plain language helps you explain how important it is for people to defend themselves. I've included a meme that you can copy and paste if you want.


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