Lubbock's favorite nostalgic swimming hole, Seahorse Pool, has reopened and is ready for you to swing by and take a dip.

A post on their official Facebook page answers all kind of questions you might have about the pool you grew up with, so take a minute to look over the new details of membership.

It looks like $350 will get you a summer pass for a family of four, two free guests and $5 for any guest after that. There's also a $100/person membership option. It's pretty reasonable compared to other places in town, and if you and your kids are little fish like I was, you will probably spend a lot of time there this summer and get your money's worth.

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Seahorse was one of my favorite places to go when I was a kid. When my cousins would come to Lubbock to visit, their first question was always, 'When are we going to Seahorse?' My parents would load us all up in the mini-van, slather us with sunscreen and drop us off at Seahorse for a day of swimming and cramming our faces with cotton candy. It didn't get much better than that in Lubbock during the 90s.

Many of us wondered if we would ever see the Seahorse pool open again after it abruptly closed in June 2019, so it's pretty special that it's actually happened. They aren't sure about the winter months yet, but the fact that it's going to be open for the summer alone is pretty awesome.

Grab the kids, grab your trunks, and head over to Seahorse Pool.

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