On Saturday, Texas Tech football beat a ranked opponent for the first time since 2019 and got their first ranked non-conference win at home since 1989 after a double overtime thriller against the 25th-ranked Houston Cougars.

Here are some highlights from the game:

After the game, where Texas Tech did something most of these students have never experienced, Red Raiders fans rushed the field. In the highlights above, you can see the yellow-shirted field attendants just moved aside as the fans left in the stadium poured in.

In the scuffle, University of Houston Athletic Director Chris Pezman was complaining to a Texas DPS officer about the crowd on the field and the DPS officer allegedly told him to, "go back to Houston."

If that happened. I love that DPS officer. What a legend.

If you look at the quote tweets of the above tweet, you'll also see Houston Cougars fans saying that the Red Raiders were "not classy" and that it's the "Lubbock way" to act that way.

Oh, the Lubbock way? Is that better or worse than the Houston way, which is apparently to shoulder check the Texas Tech quarterback as he runs out of bounds with less than a minute to go?

I hope that's the same DPS officer who told the AD to go back to Houston.

Another Texas Tech fan analyzed the film even deeper. Upon closer examination, Twitter user @Lubbockist uncovered that the University of Houston staffer in question moved two yards closer to make contact with Donovan Smith.

The unknown staffer also grabbed Smith's arm and yanks it as he goes by.

Then, he jawed at him and puffed his chest on Smith's run back to the game. Smith ignored the idiot staffer.

Absolutely bush league act from somebody representing the University of Houston, but it's no surprise with Dana Holgorsen running the show that this type of behavior is acceptable on the sideline.

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Our favorite pictures from the game, courtesy Paul Roberts Photography.

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