Sometimes you just have to put your toes in the sand.

I grew up (mostly) with the beach nearby. While I have no desire to live there again, I still have to have a nice blast of sea air every now and then or I go crazy. After all, as the Toadies sang, "I Come From The Water".

So let's look at some possible trips to the beach. First up, we'll look Southeast by car. If Lubbock to Corpus Christi is your jam, then you are looking at about eight hours of travel time (plus pee and dinner breaks). For some of you, it's the shores of Galveston and that will take you about nine hours.

I'm going to have to admit at this point that I'm not a huge fan of Texas beaches. If I was, I would have jumped at that job opportunity back in the eighties. So now, let's head to the west coast and some of my old stomping grounds.

If you'd like to pop in on Snoop Dog and maybe yell at my mom's house for having me, then it's a journey to Long Beach, California for you. That's a real grind of a trip by car at a whopping 16.5-17 hours. I would recommend you spend a day or evening driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway and visit Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, and Bolsa Chica. You also wouldn't be very far from the craziness of Venice Beach.

Finally, if for some reason Florida floats your boat, you're looking at about 21 hours to Tampa.  Heading almost directly east, Virginia Beach, Virginia will run you 26 hours.

Happy travels! Enjoy that sand and suck down some of that sea air for me!

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