So, I've decided not to fight with trolls on Facebook anymore. Instead, I agree with them.

I guess these days, Facebook can ban anyone...for anything? Whatevs.

I had an epiphany the other day that my job in life is to at least attempt to be funny. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. So, when I saw a friend being hit with some rude comments I jumped in. But instead of fighting with the troll, I agreed with everything he said to the 10th power.

Well, guess what little missy couldn't stand being told he was right? That's correct. For what you're about to see, I was flagged for HATE SPEECH and kicked off The 'Book for 24 hours.

The pics are a little hard to read, so here's the text of how it got started:


(The jerk that got me banned)
"Heres the deal, masks are for slaves"
(the owner of the page responds)
  • "that is seriously about the dumbest thing I have ever heard."
  • "What a brave and courageous stand you are taking with your anti-mask statement! Someday Hollywood will make great pictures of your bravery starring at the likes of Matt Damon or Brad Pitt. You are shoulder to shoulder with the American soldiers who risk their lives every day in this world. I'm sure your grandkids will one day tell stories of their anti-mask wearing papa who compared the plight of people that were whipped, chained, and lynched to the suffering of wearing a paper mask. You, sir, are a great hero and I can't believe you even suffer us fools on Facebook. March on and tell the people of your noble quest".

At this point, he started posting random links to some story about goats testing positive in Tanzania (unfortunately for him I get the Tanzania Daily Herald Newspaper delivered to me daily).


At this point, he posted this:


Then, apparently, Facebook is like being in the Old West where the one who draws first wins, because after using profanity to call me out, he reported me and the page for HATE SPEECH.

So there you go, gang! I'm a Facebook Felon (and I think that's HILARIOUS).

BTW: The host, Kevin Alvey, is the owner of Gore-Galore, who makes fantastic Halloween props, many of which are used at Nightmare On 19th Street. He understands that I was trying to deflect attention away from him and onto me.