WalletHub published a recent study taken from various findings regarding positive-psychology to determine what cities in America were truly the happiest. Lubbock was nowhere near the top. Not even close.

Lubbock, TX actually ranked 117th happiest city in America. Not the greatest...

So where did we fall compared to other places in Texas?

Plano, TX was the happiest Texas city on the list, coming in at number 17, followed by Austin at number 27. Even Amarillo beat out Lubbock, coming in 63rd on the list of the happiest cities on earth.

It's easy to guess why Austin beat out Lubbock, but AMARILLO? Really? Come on, guys. How could you possibly be happy in Amarillo? If anything, Lubbock is the a**hole of Texas and Amarillo is 40 miles up it.

There are some cities that were unhappier than ours though, so I will go ahead and mention them to help us all feel a little better about living somewhere so...apparently...sad.

Houston scored just a bit above Lubbock, at 123rd happiest city. Brownsville hit 125th happiest city on the list, followed by El Paso at 128th and Corpus Christi coming in at 137th.

We did happen to rate 33rd on the chart as far as income and employment are concerned. Maybe everyone in Lubbock is too busy working to try to afford outrageous power bills and insanely high rent on garbage apartments. I don't know. Just a thought.

Pretty much everyone I grew up with moved away in search of greener pastures. I just happened to move back. Maybe we can try to make Lubbock a happier place together. Do you have any ideas? Comment below or on our Facebook page.


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