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It's no secret that Walmart has been casually adding a little spice to the shelves that once only had different kinds of personal lubricants and condoms. You can now buy full-on sexy fun adult toys at your local Walmart store. What a time to be alive!

A quick search of Walmart.com shows off a massive inventory of sex toys available to order, but how many of them do they have in-store? Namely, how many can you find on the shelves in Lubbock?

I went over to the Walmart located at 4th and Frankford, and though they don't have nearly the same selection that you will find available in Walmart's online store, they have more than I imagined they would. I mean, we're smack in the middle of the bible belt where people still get offended by everything. It's quite amazing that any of these items made it on the shelf at all.

Here's what Lubbock Walmart's have to offer as far as sex toys are concerned. Enjoy!

We Found Naughty Sex Toys at a Lubbock Walmart

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