It's no secret that we've been Happy's Shaved Ice obsessed since they were a little Teal colored building on 50th Street. Happy's has seen lots of ups and downs- they were always insanely popular, but then a freak electrical accident shut down their original location indefinitely.

Luckily for us, Happy's is opening another location and we've found out how to be one of the first people through the doors. By purchasing a Happy's T-Shirt, not only are you helping this local family rebuild their dreams- you also get access to their VIP event!

Wanna be the first in the doors to the new Happy's!? !
This week only. Spots are limited.
Use the link below!

Blue Spruce has been the favorite so far!

Also, these shirts are just great. I got a "Suck My Bubbles" with purple sleeves- because of course I did.

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