So, how was your Wednesday?

A lot of people were FREAKED out yesterday. They can't believe they were seeing something happen to over government, that they used to make fun of when it happened to a foreign country's government. Even worse, it was unfolding on live t.v. 

So, how do you avoid freaking out? The first thing is for you to realize that you have no control over events like that. You can't help, you can't hurt, you can't do anything. Once you realize that you are nothing but an observer, then the rest is easy. 

You can start to relieve some of the stress by NOT running to social media. A while back I had the epiphany that no matter what incredibly astute political point I had to make, someone else could make it. I decided my job was to make people laugh, be a helper and a friend. I'm sure you can find a reason to not add tinder to the fire. 

You should also check out of the situation. Most times, nothing new is going to develop. You can turn off the t.v. and come back three hours later and get caught up. Do you know what that means? You had three hours of peace.  Yesterday was a perfect example of this because after the initial breach pretty much nothing happened, so all the time spent watching live feeds was wasted, stressful time. 

So, in short, realize that situations like this are out of your control and check out. No big deal. Go be a calming influence for your friends. 


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