Would you like to play a game?

I have a stack of tickets for Moonshine Bandit this Friday, August 27th, and I'd love to hook you and your buddies up with a fun night out if you will humor me a bit. It's pretty painless and it might even be kind of fun...

Gather all of your KFMX t-shirts up from over the last 40 years, and take a photo of them. If you have a coveted leather jacket, throw that one in there too! We would love to take a gander at just how many of our sweet shirts you have. If you happen to have time, and you really want to show off, take a picture of each shirt individually and drop it in a message or in a Facebook comment on the post.

The 6 listeners with the most FMX t-shirts will each receive a 4-pack of tickets to enjoy the night out with a few friends. If you aren't familiar with Moonshine Bandits, you can learn more about Friday's event here. You can also check them out on their Facebook here.

They have a pretty popular song with Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor. Check it out:

There will likely be no shortage of hot biker babes in swimsuits, and that's something nobody really wants to miss out on, so get in your closet and find all of those FMX shirts! I'm very curious to see how many you guys can come up with. I know some of you are die-hard FMX fans and you have hundreds. Show me the money!

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