If you just adopted a new puppy, you might be stumped on what to name them. It's a big job! Do you name them after the weird spot on their back or what about how sleepy they always are? Honestly, I think kids come up with the absolute worst pet names. Haha. I did it when I was a kid, too. The imagination just isn't quite there, and when you're little, you haven't really learned many names yet.

You, however, are an adult! Maybe you should reference this list of the 2023 most popular dog names in Texas so that you can be sure your little Fido has a special name that hasn't already been overused. If I had a dollar for every dog I've met named "Marley" I could seriously retire. Just stop with that one, guys.

Photo by Anoir Chafik on Unsplash
Photo by Anoir Chafik on Unsplash

Anyway, check out the list below. It might help you with what to avoid. Or, if you're admittedly basic, you might find the perfect name for your pup. Dogs don't care what you name them as long as you give them lots of cuddles and treats!

Top 50 Most Popular Dog Names In 2023 In Texas

Do you see your pup's name on there?

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

And, while you're here, what about names for baby boys and baby girls? I've got those lists too! Names are pretty important and if you need a little help with what to call your baby bump, you're in luck. I've got it covered!

Keep scrolling to find out the most popular boy and girl names in Texas for 2023 below.

The 10 Most Popular Baby Girl Names In Texas For 2023

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The 10 Most Popular Baby Boy Names In Texas For 2023

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