It's not typical that we promote puppies that are looking for a new home, but when we do there is usually a special circumstance that makes the animal worth sharing.

A woman looking to rehome some puppies caught our attention when she called out her husband for being a douche "as usual" for making her give up the puppies.

Kelly McCutchen posted a video of the puppies in the Lubbock Lost and Found Pets group writing, 'My husband is being a douche as usual and wants me to give up our pups from last litter. Mom is now fixed. Mom is his dog but always has fallen on me with pups. I know shelters are full and since we don't live in Lubbock we can't afford the fees after having mom fixed. Both pups are female. I'm willing to pay for first shots for both as long as they go to loving homes'.

For all the husbands out there who might be considering making their wife do something that she doesn't want to do, remember that there is an outlet for her venting and has the ability to make you look like a total douche. Also, if you need some cute puppies these are right there at the top of the Lubbock Cute List!

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