The people from my country are light skinned, but it's probably what you'd call...

...a "shithole".

Thinkstock/Steve Frost

My people (mostly) are from Romania. Sure we're "white" but not the Scandinavian kind of white. We're that ruddy, rough looking, cabbage-eating, double-chin having, slightly, but not quite, Germanic heritage. You may not even know where Romania is, but it's by Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia. It's the kind of turf that was pictured in the Hostel movies.

I'm also from a country that has a bit of a shady past.  It's now one of the most envied, glorious places on earth to live.  My point is simple, everywhere is/or was a shithole country. We're all just doing our best to keep our homelands digging out from, or returning to the shithole where we started.

Let's just skip the politics entirely. I don't care where you're from. I only care how you act. Be awesome to each other.

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