Texas-based brewery Martin House Brewing is famous for outrageous and unexpected flavors. Honestly, they have sweet down to a science, with past varieties like Plum Pudding and Cookies that taste like the real thing. They've also braved the frontier of savory flavors.

Some, like the Best Maid Pickle Beer, are absolutely delicious, and some are real headscratchers, like the newly announced Buffalo Wing and Ranch Dipping Sauce beers.

I mean, I won't knock any beer before I've tried it. Oskar Blues' French Mustard beer was way better than I thought it would be.

Except for a core of about six or so varieties, Martin House does their flavors as limited runs. So given the opportunity to try Space Pizza, a pizza-flavored beer, I took the plunge. I give it a hearty...it was alright.

The good news is that it's drinkable and not gross, just strange. The most prominent note was oregano, with a kind-of juicy/tropical back. The art on the can is beautiful, though.

Some of the online ratings I've found are pretty funny, like this one: "If I was rating it on its ability to be what it says it is, it’s a five [out of five]. But do I like it? Not even a little bit." Another reviewer nailed my sentiments exactly: "BIG umami things happening here — whole lotta herbs, very savory." The beer's overall average rating is slightly less than a 3 out of 5.

Would I drink a six-pack? Maybe over six months. But I love going on taste adventures, and this certainly was one. Now I would gladly take a sixer of the pickle beer. So refreshing, so Texas.

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