Calling all music lovers -- you're going to want to make plans to call in sick Thursday so you can attend this one-night only show featuring Ian Moore at Backstage Lubbock this Wednesday, September 28.

Ian is a good old Texas boy. He also happens to be a truly amazing artist who speaks what's on his mind. And what's on his mind lately is the negativity and hatefulness expressed on Facebook, Twitter and more, often due to people having different opinions on social issues. But Moore urged folks to not get involved in disrespectful behavior and not get wrapped up in hate.

"I think the most important thing is having respect for each other and having love for each other and trying to understand stuff that you don't understand," Moore said. "And sitting there and just getting angry and looking down on someone else and having no respect for them is disrespectful to yourself."

Moore mused that the internet may be part of the reason for people being so rude to each other, but added that people need to see past the BS.

"We're all human beings, we have a lot more in common then we don't, and don't get strung out on this stuff. A lot of this stuff is BS, and there's lobbyists and all kinds of crap, and there are some big social issues that some of us disagree on, and that's all right, we don't have to agree on everything," Moore added.

Boiling it down further, Moore shared his simple mantra.

"Be cool, don't be a d---," he said. "Be cool to people, try to be open-minded, try to realize that most people are trying. Let's elevate each other, let's use music and art and all these things that we have that are communal things to come together instead of all this crap that pulls us apart."

Ian Moore takes the stage in the Hub City Wednesday night (Sept. 28) at Backstage Lubbock. The show features Jesse Dayton, Ronnie Eaton and The Cold Hard Truth and Spivey. Tickets are $15 and available at Ralph's Records and for all the information on this and many other upcoming events.

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