It was the weekend to honor those fallen heroes who make it possible for us to celebrate and enjoy so many freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.This Memorial Day Weekend, I, along with other proud parents witnessed our children graduate from high school and get ready for the next step in our babies' lives. Way to go, Gunner! I remember when I'd tell him that he only had 10 more years of school, which eventually turned to five, then one, and now it's over and on to college!

Now, Ian Moore was on Friday night, and if you didn't check it out, you missed some killer stuff. This man is a virtuoso behind the guitar and he showed just about everything he knew on Friday night. The showed featured the original band, and the old classics rang truer than ever.

I'm glad I got to spend the night with my son checking out some Ian Moore. There's not a better way to kick off the summer!

Check out the videos...

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