Ian Moore will return to Lubbock on April 14th, 2022.

Some people find Ian Moore a bit of an enigma. He was initially promoted as a blues guitar slinger, a la Stevie Ray Vaughan. Reportedly, this did not make him really happy. He eventually grew out of that role and just became "musician Ian Moore" even though he's definitely dangerous on guitar. Moore seems to follow whatever muse strikes him at any given time, and it works for him and his hardcore fans.

Let's get to one of the most jaw-dropping things about Ian Moore: it's been 30 years since he dropped his self-titled major-label debut. That album, in my opinion, featured four of the most outstanding tracks ever with "How Does It Feel," "Harlem," "Blue Sky" and "Satisfied." Holy monkeys, that's a lot of great music and just the songs that received radio play.

Moore has always been a great friend to 94.5 FMX and our personalities, but I don't think that has anything to do with us. It feels more like he's a great friend to everyone he meets and entertains with his shows.

The confines of the Cactus Theater promise to be a comfortable way to really take in what Moore does nowadays. It should be a great place to just chill and soak in 30 years of Ian Moore music. Do keep in mind though, this is Ian Moore with his full band, and according to his website the show will be "live and loud."

Dustin Garrett will open the show. The show is a very nice price with $20 tickets and $40 box seats.  You can RSVP or link through for tickets here.

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