Okay, follow me here...a clown goes to the grocery store and....

Okay, I'm being serious here. Local scare-actor legend Patches The Clown went to his favorite grocery store (presumably to buy Purina Clown Chow or squeaky toys). Then, using his super clown vision he sees something up ahead. Is it a tire tool? Maybe a broken piece off some larger object? Or maybe it's a toy?

Well, a close look sure makes it look like it IS some kind of toy, but probably the type adults use in the privacy of their own homes. Yes, it looks like something built to do serious damage to someone's no-go place.

Being the clown-comedian that Patch is, he immediately accused me of leaving it in the parking lot. Myself, I'm not going to pass judgment on what anyone wants to do in the privacy of their own home, but this one's not mine (I'm more into dainty things, not *DESTROYER* type things). He was correct in the fact that I do, on occasion shop at that store.

Patches, like any clown or human, decided to snap a few pics and not investigate any closer (who knows, that thing could be some kind of Smurfy-heat-seeking-love toy).

Patches came out of clown character for half a second (which is a rarity) to give me this info:

When I was going in to the store I saw a mom trying be inconspicuous about pointing it out to her husband while getting her carseat out of her car. I was curious as to what she was pointing at and when I saw it I shook my head and entered the store and went to check out what candy was on clearance. Didn't see any so made my way back but stopped to make sure I took those photos

Patches The Clown

Patches The Clown

Man, somebody is going to have to clean that parking lot. Dang!

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