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Joyland- Where The Fun Is(n't)!

It is SUCH a drag that Joyland is gone forever and that the closest amusement park of its type is about 2 hours away. The loss was heartbreaking because native Lubbockites grew up with Joyland (well, anybody who had been a kid in the last 50 years, anyway). It was an absolutely iconic place. Many of my friends had first jobs there, and nearly all of us had school functions or church groups that attended Joyland together.

This has gotten me thinking- what are some other Lubbock amenities that have reached the status of "institutions" and represent what growing up in Lubbock was like? Some of those places, like Joyland, are already gone- like the arcade in the mall. But plenty still exists, and we must do everything we can to protect them now that Joyland is gone.

My criteria were that it needed to be at least over 15 years old, so that current adults could have gone as kids, and that they are places unique to Lubbock.

Remember: the best way to protect these places is to attend them. And a few of them are free!

Iconic Lubbock Amenities We Must Protect Now Joyland Is Gone

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