A local Lubbock storefront is closing permanently on December 2nd, as per their Facebook post. Sideline Provisions (4210 82nd Street, Suite 228) features signature collegiate styles, such as T-shirts, hats, accessories, art, and more.

But don't despair! There is plenty of good news, too. First, there is a massive sale going on right now. I spoke with a helpful and nice associate on the phone and she told me everything is currently 50% off! And the deals promise to get even better for Black Friday:

With our official closing date being set to December 2nd. We want to make sure y’all keep an eye out for our Black Friday Sale!! It’s going to be a good one and we don’t want y’all to miss out on it and possible last chance gear!

This is a great opportunity to pick up gifts for Tech fans, folks who love Lubbock, and more. But if you're feeling blue about the loss of this brand- don't! They have a new path going forward. 


Sideline Provisions already has a section of their goods at Cardinals Sports Center (6524 Slide Rd), and will continue to do so. So this is less of a closing and more of a consolidation for the brand.

I am certainly not judging anyone for taking advantage of Black Friday deals at major retailers- I've bought a few things myself. But I do hope you will join me in setting aside some of your gift-buying budget for local Lubbock businesses, as this directly benefits our local economy. Money spent in Lubbock local businesses stays here, instead of evaporating to New York or California, etc. And when you support a local business, you are supporting a Lubbock person's hard work and dreams. And that's pretty cool.

Happy shopping friends!

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