Lubbock District 5 City Councilman, Randy Christian, stopped by the FMX studio to discuss the master plan for McAlister Park, including the fate of Legacy Play Village.

The RockShow was excited to have Councilman Randy Christian in studio to talk about the plans for McAlister Park and of course joked with him about a future run for Mayor of Lubbock.

McAlister Park encompasses approximately 300 acres, nestled between the Marsha Sharp Freeway and Spur 327 adjacent to Milwaukee Avenue. The space is best known for the sports complex of baseball fields and the Legacy Play Village.
The vision for McAlister Park, named in honor of former Lubbock Mayor Bill McAlister, is to transform the park into “a marvelous outdoor destination location offering resources to run, jump, ride, sit, stand, lay, swing, look, smile, laugh, giggle, snooze, and even bark, in a natural environment surrounded by public art.”
The park will continue to offer plenty of fun with an updated Legacy Play Village, fully equipped with the latest technology in outdoor playground materials, and the sports complex of baseball fields.
Future plans for the park include a 5 acre dog park which is scheduled to begin construction early next year, covered basketball courts, a BMX and skate park, trails to jog/bike/hike and even an off-road track for motor vehicles, a splash park, and a food truck park complete with shaded pavilion and covered picnic table areas.
The plan looks marvelous and will require fundraising from private sources to realize the entire vision for McAlister Park, but once it is completed it promises to be a magnet for travelers and out of town guests to enjoy.
In case you missed the on-air interview you can listen to the entire conversation with Councilman Randy Christian here:

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