May I be the millionth person this week to say, "what the hell is wrong with people?"

A Lubbock couple was traveling down University Avenue near Main Street when they stopped for a traffic light. They heard some thumps from the back of the car and thought that a homeless person was trying to wash their window or something. What they quickly realized is that someone had gotten out of a car near them and was trying to tear their political bumper sticker from the back of their car. (If you're asking yourself which side, then you're part of the problem.)

Before the driver could get out of the car, the light turned green and the vandal ran away, jumping into the passenger seat of the car you see pictured above. The car then sped away nearly causing two wrecks.

So is this where we're at now? Vandalizing cars because people support a different political party? Is that really who we want to be? Let's ask some tougher questions, too, like: isn't this how people get run over or shot? Oh, and nice Texas Tech sticker on the vandal's car, too. I bet you're making the university so proud.

I'll be honest and say we do not have to get along. We do have to respect each other's property, however.

Someone could have really have gotten hurt, especially with the car speeding away. If you know who the car belongs to, let them know they're officially on blast for being the biggest jackass in Lubbock (and they may also want to find another route home). The vandal should also know that the lady has plenty of shiny new stickers to replace the old one.

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