A lot of major companies are banning plastic straws and now apparently it's a political thing.

Hey, do you ever go to nice restaurants? Like upscale steakhouses and such?  Did you ever notice that they don't serve straws with the drinks?  You know why? Because they cater to grown-up clientele. I'm betting you didn't even notice that there was no straw. You just enjoyed a nice dinner and drank like a grown up.

So now we have a legion of whiners on both sides of a really dumb issue. The answer to this is, who cares?  I'm not going to infringe on your right to suck; I just don't care. In the meantime though, something really good will come out of this, it will encourage someone to come up with biodegradable straws (then again, you haven't lived until you've had an old-time root beer float with a traditional wax/paper straw). Maybe the invention of biodegradable straws will also lead to biodegradable flatware, cups, bottles and who knows what? It could be very good for us.

So now fringe groups on the left and right are baiting each other with use or non-use of straws. Let's be real, your behavior doesn't make you "own" the other side, it makes you look like an ignorant asshole. That is all. Suck or don't suck, I don't care.

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