For many of us, the stimulus check we are slated to receive will go directly towards paying bills accrued from a loss in income. As someone whose pay is affected by the ability to attend and host events, I've taken a financial punch to the gut. I'm doing okay, but my check might as well go directly to my credit card companies. Many people will pay mortgages, light bills and buy food.

But many of you will have the good fortune to "blow" your stimulus check. And that's okay! I'm happy for you. I do have one request though- spend your fun money locally. Small businesses are hurting terribly and are fighting tooth and nail to survive.

So get your hair and nails done. Go out to eat. Buy some fun stuff. Blow your money if you want to- but please help your local economy and your neighbors by spending it here. And if you use it on personal services or at a restaurant, tip generously. Your good deed will come back to you. Both figuratively and literally- when you spend local your money tends to stay in your local economy, meaning that money has a great chance of making it back to you.

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