Lately, I've been finding more and more reasons to visit Waco, Texas. Back in January, I discovered an absolutely adorable pink Airbnb there that has totally been calling my name. A few months ago, I came across a super dope goth girl carwash in Waco.  And now, I've found yet another reason to make a trip to a Texas city I've never paid much attention to.

There is a friggin' cool ice cream-themed vacation rental in Waco, Texas that looks delicious!

Casa Kumweso features 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, and sleeps 8 people. It's nestled on several acres of land, and only a 10-minute drive to all of the fun things to do in town.

Check out the video below for a peek inside the house!

I love the colorful walls, floors, and furniture! Someone put a ton of effort into making this rental really awesome. It looks like a wonderful place for a girl's trip, birthday party, or for whatever reason you have to book a stay in Waco.

It looks like it used to be an Airbnb, but it is no longer available on their site for some reason. However, it is listed on for around $350 per night (excluding taxes and fees).

Anybody want to buy a ton of ice cream and head over there for a weekend of chick flicks and wine!? I'm pretty much packing my bags as we speak! If you're interested in checking out this cool rental, you can find more photos and information by clicking here.

If you've got a cool rental you think I should write about, feel free to email me at

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