I know there's a lot of people who don't want to be vaccinated and I have some bad news for ya.

About the only way, you're going to get away with not having a vaccination (against coronavirus) is if you are independently wealthy and can pay other people to do everything for you.

"That's not fair, the government can't force me to do that" you might say. The government is not your problem, business and society are. Just like you have businesses being "Lubbock Safe", requiring masks, or having distancing, in the future vaccines will be required.

You will have trouble getting or keeping a job because employers won't want the liability of having their customers exposed to unvaccinated people. Businesses will run ads saying "our staff is fully vaccinated and ready to serve you safely". It won't be just jobs either, it's highly likely that a coronavirus shot will be added to the vaccine list required by schools.

It's also safe to say that there will be many other instances where you may have to supply a "proof of vaccination" certificate in order to be included.

Yes, it's VERY true that vaccinated people most likely can still carry, and in some instances even get a (usually milder) version of the virus, but I'm telling you that SAFETY SELLS and the businesses out there are going to recognize it immediately.

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