Someone captured an up-close video of a raging wildfire that was reshared on TikTok and has now garnered nearly half a million views. TikToker @el_camino_ranch posted the video 5 days ago on March 18th, 2022, and it's definitely intense. The burning orange sky and clouds of smoke pouring into the air only a few hundred yards away from the person holding the camera are a reminder of just how desperately we need the wind to calm down around these parts and the rain to kick in.

I can't say for certain that the people in the video are evacuating, but that would be my educated guess. A trailer with horses is seen driving by as another man walks quickly toward a vehicle.

Imagine losing your entire livelihood to a fire. Your home. Your pets. Your livestock. All of your belongings. CNN published an article yesterday that said 178 fires have burned 108,000 acres in Texas. Luckily, the largest fire of them all is now under control.

According to the comments under the video, this particular fire was in the Eastland area. Several people wrote that they had lost their homes, trailers, deer camps, barns, and everything else you can imagine to the flames.

This is just a small reminder to please keep your cigarette butts in the car, too. Just tossing one out mindlessly could start another one somewhere without you even realizing it. That west Texas wind does whatever it wants and will toss your butt straight into some dry grass. If you'd like to see updates on where Texas wildfires are still burning as well as where they have been contained, click here.

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